We have an exciting line up of teachers this year, many of who have taught for us over the past 10 years. There is the opportunity for you to book a private lesson with any of our teachers.  To do this you need to arrange a time and cost that suits both you and the teacher then come to the registration desk to confirm the private lesson space is available for you to use.  Please note that time slots are limited and run at the same times as the workshops, use of the room is prohibited on Sunday morning. You are responsible for paying the teacher directly for your private lesson.

Our 2017 teaching schedule is now full. If you would like to register to be considered as a teacher for the 2018 festival please contact kate@baysalsa.co.nz

Emily Glubb

E Dance Productions - Christchurch
Director of E Dance Productions in New Zealand, Emily started in the Salsa scene back in 2007. For four years she toured around New Zealand, Australia and Asia with her dance partner, specialising in Bachata and building the growth of Bachata in New Zealand. With the travel and access to top performers and instructors, Emily was able to increase her knowledge and share her passion with her students. The combination of hard work and top instructors have shaped the way Emily dances today. Her passion in dance ranges from Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha. Since then she started E Dance Productions in 2012, which has already won two National titles. “My passion is to empower women and to teach them self worth. I love to style in dance and to do that, you need to believe in yourself. Technique is always fundamental, but you need to nurture yourself to see your dancing grow.”

Coco Jorge Sequeiros

Salsa Con Coco - Auckland
Coco, who was born in Peru, began teaching Salsa in New Zealand from 1997 and since then has made a long list of achievements, including winning 1st place in the couples section, and 1st place teams section at the 2007 Annual Salsa Latin Dance Competition. In 2009 Coco’s team came 1st runner up at the NZ Salsa Nationals. Later that year “Salsa con Coco Performance Team” travelled to the USA to represent NZ in the 4th World Salsa Championships. In 2010 “Salsa con Coco Performance Team” was again crowned Champion at the NZ Salsa Nationals. More recently Coco and his dance partner Vyara won the Bachata category at the 2012 NZ Salsa Championships, the 2013 NZ Salsa Championship Pro Salsa category as well as the 2013, 2014 and 2015 NZ Salsa Open Bachata & Pro Salsa Couple categories.

Shannon & Trajano

Zouk Art - Auckland
Shannon and Trajano have developed a passion for Zouk whilst on their travels and have become aficionados ever since. They are both keen to develop and add in influences from their varied dance background which allows them to bring a unique flavor to their NZ Zouk. Trajano, the latin half to this duo, has strong training in Brazilian Capoeira, Martial Arts, Linear Salsa and acting. He has been influenced greatly by his training in Cuban and Linear Salsa and his passion for Street Latin and Hip Hop – which allows him to bring strength and emotion to his Zouk. Shannon, brings the kiwi flava to the partnership and has a strong background in American Jazz, Cuban and Linear Salsa and also feels her dance is influenced by her passion for Hip Hop and street latin dance. Both are back to NZ fresh off a USA tour and eager to share new knowledge with you all.

Merwan & Saskia

Kiwizomba - Auckland
Saskia and Merwan have been involved in the New Zealand dance scene since 2009. Between them their involvement spans a range of dance styles that have incorporated; solo dancing, partner work, couples teams, solo teams, musical theater to list a few. They have traveled learning and teaching internationally covering both hemispheres. The wealth of knowledge gained through years and time spent in travel is what they offer to share unconditionally. Their focus for the past few years has been to raise the level and awareness of Kizomba in New Zealand. Musicality, timing, connection and communication are the tools they use to share their experiences. “Dancing is what music should look like. Through our movement we can communicate with a complete stranger and share a moment, embedding a beautiful memory. Thus making dance is our unifying language, together let’s move as one.”

Liz Parsons

Sweet Azucar - Auckland
Broadcaster, Wife, Mum, Company Director and Principal Salsera of Auckland based dance school Sweet Azucar, Liz is passionate about sharing the love of Latino dance and music with her students and dance community. I dance for so many reasons! I teach because I love seeing people go through their journeys. I love helping them find their ‘inner meow’! And I love making people happy – there’s something deeply satisfying about making people smile not just from a joke but from the sense that they have achieved something. Also dance is my own happy juice! My soul is sad when I don’t dance. I stopped for 15 years and every time I’d see people dance on TV I’d literally cry.

Talita Tavares

Talita Tavares was born in Goiânia, Brazil and danced jazz and ballet as a child. At 18 years took up ballroom dancing and in 2003 she attended a school in Goiânia to learn Latin dance: Salsa, Zouk, Forró, Bolero, Tango and Samba. She went on to specialize in didactics at the Jaime Arôxa Dance School in Rio de Janeiro and in 2006 she opened her own dance academy – the Movimento Dance Company. In 2008 she moved to Spain where she featured at the Sensual Dance Madrid and Bachata International Congress in Sevilla. She returned to Brazil 2009 to teach at the Jaime Arôxa Dance School in Goiânia. Talita moved to New Zealand in 2015 she has taught and choreographed in Auckland, the Gold Coast and currently teaches in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty with the Dance Factory NZ. Her specialties are Zouk, Samba, Salsa and Bachata.

Gabriela Guimaraes

Samba Passion- Auckland
Gabi is the Director and choreographer of Samba Passion; she started running classes to share her passion and culture with others. She started dancing Ballet from the age of 5 and then started folklore dancing at the age of 11 and was a member of the Roots of America Dance group in South Brazil. Not only is she a talented dancer but she is also a certified Zumba Instructor for both Adults and Kids, and has performed with music star Shaggy adding to her credentials. Very recently, Gabi was crowned Samba Queen Australasia competing in Australia. Gabi will now travel to Arizona in October to be the judge in the Miss. USA Samba Queen Competition. Dancing and Brazilian music is in her DNA, she feels very fortunate and privileged to be able to share this passion with her students and the people who get to watch her perform.

Sara and Sebastian

A passion for dance brought Sara and Sebastian together in early 2012 when they first became dance partners. Since then, they have performed, competed and travelled both nationally and internationally for the purpose of expanding their knowledge in order to become better dancers in the styles of Salsa and Bachata. Learning and improving with the assistance of the World’s top Latin dancers helped them take their dancing to another level. They have worked closely with Karen and Ricardo, Sandra and Sebastian, Rodrigo Cortazar, Griselle Ponce, Adolfo and Tania, Charlie Garcia, and Eddie Torres to name but a few. Today Sara and Sebastian are also the directors of two “Karen and Ricardo” World Dance Crews in Auckland, New Zealand, where they both reside and work full time. Extreme dedication, hard work, and their extensive amateur dance partnership have paid off over the years by both of them not only being the most consecutive NZ Amateur Salsa Champions to date, but also becoming the Australian Amateur Salsa and Bachata Champions in 2015 and the World’s Salsa on 1 Sub-Champions at the World Latin Dance Cup in December 2016 in Miami, Florida. Sara and Sebastian turned professional in 2017 to challenge themselves even further. They have recently competed in the South American Championships (Chile World Latin Dance Cup Qualifier) for the first time in the Professional Salsa on 1 Category where they respectfully secured 1st place.

Vero Saccone

Embrace Dancing- Tauranga
Join Vero and the Local Embrace Dancing crew for a fun introduction to West Coast Swing.

Kate Maguire

Salsa Agua! - Tauranga

Director of Salsa ¡Agua!, Kate has been dancing Latin dance for more than 15 years and dancing Salsa for more than 10 years. She has been teaching Cuban dance and Salsa since 2008. A trip to Cuban in 2009 saw her training in Havana with Isaias Rojas Ramirez director of Ban Rarra dance company. She was a senior instructor and performer with the Cuban Groove in Auckland, working with New Zealand’s premier Cuban professional dancers Greydis Montero Liranza and Isbert (Vivio) Ramos for several years before her relocation to Tauranga in 2013.

Kate is a trustee of the NZ Cuban Festival Trust which runs the Annual National Cuban Festival, and is also part of the organising committee for the Bay Salsa Festival. She teachers a range of Cuban dancers (Salsa, Rudea de Casino, Son , Rumba, Chachacha, Cubaton and some Afro Cuban dances), Bachata and Merengue.

Her patient, fun, energetic teaching style is contagious and she will have you dancing and having a great time before you know it. Kate is captivated with the fun, authenticity and depth of Cuban dance and she wants you to discover the joy of Cuban dance too.

Greydis Montero Liranza

Greydis Dance - Rotorua
Greydis is the only Female Professional Cuban Salsa instructor in Australasia. She teaches all levels from Beginners, improvers, intermediate to advanced and we are excited to have her teaching at the Bay Salsa Festival again this year.

Wimmy & Bari

Danca - Kizomba Wellington
Between Wimmy & Bari, there is chemistry, connection and skills. Not only are they passionate teachers, they also infuse the classes with great techniques and practical explanations. Wimmy & Bari are the founder of Dança in Wellington and have been dancing and working as a Kizomba team since 2014, where hundreds of people have never done Kizomba before have become advanced Kizomba dancers. Some Kizomba Event taught at. -Nelson Kizomba Workshop, October 2016 -Sydney Kizz It Out, December 2016 -Nelson Part II, December 2016 -Christchurch Kiz Me More, January 2017 -2nd Top of South Latin Festival, April 2017 for more see site http://www.danca.co.nz/about-us

Fransisco & Javiera

Viva Dance - Auckland
Francisco and Javiera are from Puerto Montt in the south of Chile.  Together they Founded Puerto Montt Salsa in 2010, the first Salsa school in the city with more than 250 students who enjoyed different styles like Cuban Salsa, Rueda, Bachata, Salsa LA style, Tango, Cueca, Arabian Dance, and Zumba. Rueda was one of the favourite styles due to its fun, happy and dynamic nature. In 2014 Francisco and Javiera decided to embark on a new personal project and left Chile in search of new challenges. In October 2014 they arrived in Auckland and in January 2015 discovered Viva Dance where they teach, bringing their special brand of contagious fun to all of their classes. Francisco with his partner Javiera taught the first ever Viva Cuban Salsa team, which recently performed at the NZ Cuban Festival in 2015, New Zealand Salsa Congress and Bay Salsa Festivals and Sydney Latin Festival in 2016.

Tia-Marie & Saione

Viva Dance - Auckland
Tia Marie started her career at the Shiamak Davars Institute of performing arts in contemporary and afro-jazz for 3 years before she moved to New Zealand where she continued her passion for dance in various Latin styles.   Her main passion lies with Brazilian dances especially Brazilian Zouk. Her style of Zouk is an earthy soulful flavour. She brings energy and laughter to her classes and loves nothing more than for her students to walk away feeling great. Saione began his dancing career way back in the 80s after entering a primary school talent quest and doing the robot and the cool new ‘bop dance’. He doesn’t remember if he won it but the teachers and other kids sure loved his dolphin dive! Fast forward to the 21st century and Saione is now Director of Viva Dance and a handful of other dance organisations including the NZ Salsa Open, the NZ Salsa Congress and Viva Street. Although Latin dance has become his personal choice of dance these days, Saione has been known to still do the odd dolphin dive at parties, and loves seeing people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy a smorgasbord of dance styles on offer at Viva.

Ben Hammond

At the age of 19 Ben has been dancing Salsa for 10 years and already won 11 New Zealand Salsa  and Street Latin championship titles,  with his passion being performing and competing . Over the past three years Ben has had incredible opportunities , to work with some of the top schools in the country , teaching choreography as well as travelling and representing New Zealand on multiple world stages. Ben loves any opportunity he gets to teach and share his knowledge and is proud to be coming  to the 2017 Bay Salsa Festival as an artist as The Bay Salsa Festival was the first ever event Ben attended !

Fern Ngatai

Falling in love with this new dance craze called Krump at the age of 9 to only find that this was just one style that came under the umbrella of Hip-Hop. After being exposed to Krump I immediately jumped at anything that said the word Hip-Hop in it. From that moment on I have absorbed my life around dance, learning all genres in Hip-Hop giving my self a strong base of knowledge in each category. Having Hip-Hop as my drive I was then exposed to a dance called ‘salsa’ this being my entry into the latin world. Feeding off on this latin world I had noticed a more raw dance style, this being Reggaeton. From then on Reggaeton always kept my interest at peak! As a dancer and an instructor “There is always room for learning, no matter who you are” this being my drive to give everything and anything to people who wish to seek, not just ‘doing’ a dance but building a dancer is what counts.

Yohei Mikawa

Tempo Dance Company NZ - Auckland
Yohei’s passions are dancing Salsa On2 (Mambo) and sensual Bachata. He believes technique and musicality are fundamentally important in dance, and they are the focal points in his teaching. He has competed regularly in NZ and Australia, in shines, couples, teams, and freestyle divisions. Yohei loves social dancing with anybody from beginners to pros, so be sure to grab him for a dance!

Sonia Hems aka Sonia SASS

Stellar Performing Arts - Auckland

Sonia Hems is a qualified and highly experienced dance professional living in Auckland, New Zealand. With an extensive repetoire of dance styles under her belt, she has achieved national and international recognition and success in a large variety of dance genres.

Starting dancing at the tender age of 3 in Modern Jazz, Sonia soon took up classical ballet in order to supplement her technique, and while this became her main focus, it was the beginning of her addiction to dance and the start of her collection of dance styles. Over the next 15 years of her life she was to dedicate much of her time to performing arts. Becoming a national place winner and Major Soloist recipient in the forms of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Song & Dance.

At the age of 17 Sonia went into full-time training in classical ballet at the New Zealand School of Dance, completing her tuition at The International Ballet Academy. During this time she was awarded the prestigious R.A.D Solo Seal.

Since completing her tuition at age 20, Sonia has performed with touring companies, resident shows, in music videos, and for many corporate clients for the last 9 years in China, Hong Kong, Spain, England, Wales, Germany, Scotland and Australia to name a few.

On her return to NZ, Sonia became immersed in Street Latin dance, which is now her main focus. She was New Zealand Champion in Couples Salsa and Salsa Shines, and was the founder and director of Casa Del Ritmo Dance Company and School of Performing Arts Ltd. which has recently re-launched as the Stellar Performing Arts Academy and Stellar Entertainment.  Stellar Performing Arts Academy is a Latin Dance Studio and  specialising in the Street  Latin styles of Salsa, Bachata, Street Cha-Cha-Cha and Latin Fusion, as well as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Burlesque, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Lyrical genres.

Arthur Flintoff

The Dance Factory - Tauranga
Arthur is director of the Dance Factory a local school covering Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Arthur is a regular on the BaySalsa Festival Stage. At the Dance Factory you can learn to dance and enjoy dancing. The DanceFactory teaches Zouk Lambada and Samba de Gafieira from beginner level to intermediate/advanced.  They host a number of events and workshops in the region for learning and fun.  You can learn to dance for performance or to freestyle at social events, meet others or dance to keep fit or something couples enjoy doing together. The Dance Factory also hold a variety of dance parties sometimes in collaboration with other schools. Entertaining and fun! We dance to modern RnB, pop and Latin rhythms. You dance any way you feel.  

Liza Kohunui

Greydis Dance - Rotoura
Liza Kohunui is of Ngai Tuhoe me Te Arawa oku iwi.  Liza began dancing at the age of 12, she has performed and trained in Hip Hop, American Jazz, Hula and Latin dance.  Liza’s passion for Cuban Salsa began 12 years ago, since then, she established Rotorua’s first Latin Dance Fitness  (Salsacise). In 2009, she Introduced the Worlds growing fitness craze ‘Zumba’ to Rotorua, plus travelled to Cuba to further her knowledge in Salsa.  By 2010, Liza’s company Dance 2 Inspire Ltd was created to inspire people through the movement of dance.  Since then she has been teaching Cuban Salsa in Rotorua. Liza now teaches with Greydis Dance. “Salsa dancing enables me to enjoy the freedom to express my femininity and sensuality, the bonus is that I get to meet and dance with all kinds of people. The complimentary part of Salsa is that I get to maintain my fitness and health.” says Liza “I am truly living my DREAM!”